Image02A98 (823x1024) - CopyMy intention in publishing this memoir was that it be an invitation to see your ‘self’ and your life experience differently. It is not difficult to be broken by the harshness of living in our culture today but it is challenging to see our mind’s amazingly creative capacity to search for purpose and to find meaning in madness.

This book began as a way to share the journey that began during the 47th year of my life. The year was marked by spiritual awakening and became a time of healing from the violent death of my father. It also became a journey into my self and my family history. Much of the year was spent revisiting memories and reflecting on how my father’s death had affected the course of my life.

As my story unfolded, I discovered a second story linked to the first. Healing from my father’s death could not have come about at the level it did without my coming to understand more fully my own mental health liberation journey.

Living for Two is for those who savor the journey and are willing to put their lives under a microscope to explore how the pieces fit together. How do you come to define who you are? How do you fill the emptiness in your soul? How do you come to know who you were born to be? Have you lost someone to a violent death? Have you ever doubted your own intrinsic worth, felt crazy, or been labeled by the mental health system? Can you use a dose of meaning and purpose – because we live in a world that can be so unjustly harsh? If you can say yes to any of these questions, this book may be for you.

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