What I Know

Lauren Spiro

When we are present in the moment, we are free from any attachment from the past as well as free and open to what lies ahead.

Living each day in awareness invites discovering new depth and meaning; we are shown the way through, and all we have to do is be open to the possibilities.

Through our relationships with self and others we create a dynamic energy that can manifest a new reality. This soulful synergistic awakening is powerful in truth and wisdom and is our Devine legacy.

As we tap into meaning found in the depths of mind/body/spirit dialogues we come to understand the elegant mosaic that is someone’s life. This dance of discovery and fusion, much like the metamorphosis of caterpillar into butterfly is an evolutionary growth process.

It is an act of faith to give credence to creative expression; it’s a process of burning off the haze and illuminating the inner self. We, and others, are changed by this process.

As a child of the universe, how we live our life is an artistic creation; We are the canvas, infused with rainbows, reflecting light, and healing wounds.

As we deepen our awareness that change happens through us (not to us), we more fully embody our role as visionaries ushering in a cooperative and peaceful world.

To create a just America, an America where everyone is included we must envision it, we must convincingly and collectively believe it and speak it. This is not a revolution against something, it is an evolution towards a better quality of life for all living beings.

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