Living for Two: Compelling Memoir Exposes Challenges of Dysfunctional Mental Health System; Chronicling Author ’s Journey to Forgiveness and Peace.

Written by Lauren Spiro, based on her tumultuous life, ‘Living for Two’ fuses the author’s poignant story of tragedy and triumph with a series of bold life lessons. After being committed to a mental institution after her father was murdered, Spiro was forced to endure the brunt of the nation’s broken mental health policy. However, through a transformative journey that will inspire all, Spiro turned herself from victim to victor. She is now taking that story public for the first time to prove that healing of the mind and heart is always possible.

Today, in an unlikely yet remarkable twist of fate, Spiro prospers as an educator, mental health provider and co-founder of Emotional CPR, a public health education project. ‘Living for Two’ takes readers into Spiro’s tragedy, trauma and eventual triumph; empowering all to break their silence and recognize hope’s omnipresence.

To date, the book has garnered impressive reviews. Family Physician, Mark Foster, comments, “In vivid prose and poetry, Lauren Spiro has painted for us a picture of her spiritual journey, a journey that took her from unbearable emotional pain, down into psychosis, through the depths of our dysfunctional mental health system, and finally to a place of transcendent healing and peace. This is a story of hope and love, the story of how a daughter, so devastated by her father’s senseless murder, was rescued by his cherished spirit awakening in her adult life. The message is clear: healing of the mind and heart is always possible, love needs to be the guiding star in recovery, and we are all connected, much more deeply than we understand.”

Author Robert Whitaker was equally as impressed, adding, “In this moving, beautifully written memoir, Lauren Spiro tells of unfathomable loss, the madness of a psychiatric system that would diagnose her with ‘chronic schizophrenia’ at age 16, and her ultimate recovery from both of those childhood traumas. In her poetry and prose, we see, too, that words—the language that can bring us understanding and compassion—can have a healing power of their own.”

‘Living for Two: A Daughter’s Journey From Grief and Madness to Forgiveness and Peace’ is available on and other e-retailers. For more information, visit the author’s official website:

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